Who We Are

Pennsylvania Care Health & Wellness was founded in 2017 to create holistic health consciousness by educating, empowering and increasing health awareness, connecting families to needed resources and expanding economic impact for local businesses.​ We are also committed to providing resources for individuals with health challenges as well as physical and mental disabilities.


We make healthy living a fun experience. Through a series of year round community events and festival​s, we connect youth, families, seniors and those with disabilities to much needed free resources such as health screenings, fun physical activities to include Zumba, dancing, fitness bootcamps and yoga, access to nutritionists and chefs who teach healthy cooking, injury prevention, and connections to over 50 other nonprofits in the region.


Pennsylvania Care Health and Wellness was the vision of Tomika McFadden, CEO of Pennsylvania Care Associates. A native of West Philadelphia, Tomika McFadden is not only an entrepreneur, but a community activist and author. Her passion for serving underserved populations across the Greater Philadelphia region are rooted in her experience growing up in poverty and as a single mother raising children with special needs.


Tomika McFadden‘s son Calvin McFadden was only 24-years-old when he died from cystic fibrosis in September 2015. Though Calvin was born with his condition, it never prevented him from living. Even at the age of 24, Calvin had already begun working on his second degree and had his own business in music engineering and production. He was very active in his 24 years of life and he never let anything stop him.


In 2012, Tomika McFadden founded Pennsylvania Care Associates, a health management consulting firm providing resources and coordination of medical care to individuals with physical and medical disabilities, autism and intellectual disabilities. In 2017, following the death of Calvin McFadden, Pennsylvania Care Associates was able to expand establish Pennsylvania Care Health & Wellness, a 501c3 nonprofit organization making healthy living a fun experience.​ Calvin’s death had encouraged Tomika McFadden to transform her grief into empowerment for others. Founded on the principles of the life lived by Calvin Mcfadden, Pennsylvania Care Health and Wellness’ mission is to making healthy living a fun experience. In just two years, the organization has grown a local health fest into the nation’s largest urban health and music festival servicing over 18,000 individuals in just one week; providing free health screenings, fitness bootcamps, healthy eating classes, yoga, Zumba, seniors’ day and music concerts featuring national recording artists.

Tomika McFadden

Founder & Board Chair


(267) 225-3018